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Who was I?

I was a very active, adventurous and life-affirming person. Ever since birth. My mother still jokes around that as soon as my winter pants came off, I was adorned with bruises. Why? Because I didn't stay put! I needed to go somewhere and do something all the time. But with all these falls and concussions, my parents were happy that I never broke a single bone - it was limited to bruises and small wounds (except once when I fell from the edge of the couch with my head against the table and my head had to be sewn).

Growing up, my parents thought that my sister and I should try to do everything we can. I started with gymnastics and ended with athletics, because I stayed in that area. But one thing was not enough for me. I was still in music school and was part of the student council. As I said, I always had to be in action.

After school, I discovered a gym for myself. While living in England, at one point I trained and learned from really strong characters in this field. That's when I fell in love with it. A few years went by and I was actually learning to become a trainer.

I was a personal trainer. I loved it and I loved my trainees. These rare times that I was so tired and didn’t want to go give class, then after training I was charged with new insane energy. It wasn't the training itself that did it, but the ones being trained. Seeing them work hard, squeezing out the maximum, doing something better than ever, moving towards their goals, etc. - and I can help them do that. It's a powerful feeling - to help another person.

I was planning to go to so many courses to be an even better coach for my trainees, because I know maybe only a few percent of this world. There is so much more to learn!

All in all, I was constantly looking for action. I always grabbed the bull by the horns when I could be active.

I lived a my life at it’s fullest.

But then my health took over and on November 24, 2020 I had a stroke - only at the age of 26. A blood vessel exploded on the surface of my left hemisphere and I was already lying in a hospital bed, half of my body paralyzed.

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