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At the time of the previous post, I was so caught up with the idea that I will have a year from the most terrible day of my life, and that's why I forgot to say something useful 😂 Anyway, I'm doing it now.

I want to remind everyone the following (in random order):

  1. Live in a moment. There is no need to bother with what the future brings or what happened in the past. Only you can shape the future, so don't worry and enjoy the moment.

  2. Set goals. I heard a good saying: "Motivation is for people who don't have goals." And I think it's so correct - think about it. If you have a strong goal, then you have proper discipline. This is exactly what has helped me in those mornings when I don't want to work out (and believe me, I have them a lot) - I just remind myself of the goal and there is no question left whether I go or not.

  3. Don't worry about the things that aren't in your power. Have you heard that when you worry, nerve cells die and your hair turns gray? Well then why worry about something you can't change? Please don't torture yourself. Like my good friend a long time ago said:"Don't think about crap, think about me!"

  4. Find solutions, not excuses! Again, a good expression: “So what. Now what?” This happened, what to do now? There is no point in complaining - it will not move you forward. Start generating how you can move on from there. All the obstacles in our way are super good, because they are what develops us.

  5. Be yourself. Please don't change yourself to please anyone else. If you don't click, then that's that! There are 7.9 billion people in the world - it would be strange if everyone were besties. Believe me, we all meet people with whom we feel that they are not my person and vice versa. Find the right people for you - often you don't have to look for them, they just show up!

  6. Be active. You don't have to run 10k to be active, 3km is already very good or just go for a walk. Play with the children or do a big cleanup at home. Whatever comes to mind!

  7. Develop yourself. Our brain produces somewhere around 1,500 new neurons every day. If we don't use them, they will die! Imagine - you are given 1,500 new opportunities daily to be a better version of yourself and you don't use it. Sad, right? So! Read, learn, do, develop - don't throw your potential in trash.

  8. Love yourself. It all starts with you! Celebrate your uniqueness.

  9. Crying is okay. Cry, recover a few days and then go to actions again. Crying endlessly for something that was does NOT make it non-existent. Let's learn from what happened and move on with life - more experienced and smarter! However, these emotions need to be let out, because a negative emotion is so much stronger than a positive one and it only shatters you internally! You may not realize it today, but it will bite you from the ass years later. I recommend the book Reality Transurfing.

  10. Eat normally. What does it mean? Don't go to extremes. Don't forbid yourself 100% sugar, eat this burger when you get an appetite - it's called balance. Prohibition is the most terrible thing in my opinion. Why? Because the forbidden fruit is the sweetest. I recommend the book The Diet Compass.

  11. We all have 24 hours a day. How you use them is your decisions. I know how life can be fast pace. Therefore, my recommendation - please find at least 30 minutes a day for yourself. It is sad that people lose themselves trying to live.

  12. Create habits. For some reason, people function better if they have some kind of 'order' in their life. It may be a habit to wash the dishes immediately after eating or to meditate when waking up, etc. Already tiny habits make us more complete. I recommend the book Atomic Habits.

  13. Stop whinging. It's too dark, it's too rainy, there's no time, didn't get enough sleep, got no time because of the kids, and so on. I did it also and still do, but much less. Why find the negative in everything when you can find the positive? Pay attention and every time you want to complain, find 3 positive things instead!

  14. Take care of your health. Eat well, move, sleep. If you have a health issue find the root cause of it and address it. Do not suppress the symptoms with pills full of chemicals.

  15. Don't label yourself and don't let anyone else do it! You have no depression - you have symptoms. You are not ill - you have symptoms. Now all you have to do is deal with these symptoms. The power of thought is so insanely strong. If your doctor tells you that you are ill and you keep repeating it in your head, you will more than likely fight it for much longer or even for the rest of your life. If you immediately set yourself up with the thought, “How did it happen? How do I get rid of these symptoms?”, then your aura is much more likely to deal with it in your favor! By the way, it's scientifically proven - I'm not just talking about it like crazy! Look for yourself - neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf.

I hope these 15 absolutely simple points help you! And if you have any thoughts that I haven't already brought out, please leave a comment about it!

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