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Have you ever wondered how meditation works? Or maybe you've heard it's quantum physics, but you have no idea what quantum physics is?

Anyway, my answer to both questions was yes. I like to understand how things work in order to do/practice them myself or work closely together with people who do those things. Is it because I like to educate myself or if it's a habit to check that no one can mess around with me? God knows. But just like when I was disturbed by working closely with developers in England, because I didn't understand how can they write a piece of text and a beautifully working website comes out or even a computer game, I went to study software development - I still can’t do it, I’m junior junior, but at least now I have some logic behind it! And I also like the human body, which is why I have learned it a lot myself and which is why I studied to become a personal trainer (this is probably an area where my development never ends).

For years now I have been advised to start practicing meditation, but it was only a little more than half a year ago that I became interested in it. Why? I do not know. I felt like I had to. And no, I don't meditate every day - I'm still learning and practicing to make it part of my daily routine. But I had a lot of confusion - why do I have to meditate? How does this help me? How does it work? And what the hell is quantum physics? I researched the internet about it and even read a book, but when I was asked how biofeedback, which works on quantum physics as well as meditation, works, I still couldn't explain it to people.

Until I finally, the last days of 2021, picked up and started Dr. Joe Dispenza's progressive and intensive online course bundle, which I had access to already months before (thanks, Ivar!), but I just couldn’t be asked to do it.

I thought then that I would pass on the wisdom because Dispenza explained it to me so well. I hope you feel more enlightened with this post and that you all begin to, if not meditate (but please do), notice and become aware of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

NB! His meditations are also VERY good (the only ones I have been able to do so far)!

And if you want to go through the whole course too, because wow, how exciting it is, HERE you can!

Well. Let’s get to it!

Genetic changes are happening in us all the time. Every time you forge a new connection neurologically in your brain, somehow the DNA inside that nerve cell has to be signaled and the moment it’s signaled, in a matter of milliseconds, it grows a new branch - it reaches out and makes a new connection. That’s a genetic change. So then if you are not learning anything new or having any new experiences, for the most part, you are staying the same.

The research with neuroplasticity shows that your brain physically changes from every new thought you embrace, every new choice you make, every new experience you have, every new behavior you demonstrate, every new emotion that you can cultivate. There are chemical and physical changes that take place in your brain, which means you’re changing your mind.

So when you change your brain you change your mind and when you change your mind you change your brain.

So if you begin to learn new information and you wire it in your brain and then you keep revisiting that information, you start installing the neurological hardware. If you keep revisiting it and keep reviewing it and keep firing and keep wiring, the hardware program becomes a software program. Now it becomes an automatic software program because you practiced it enough times it becomes automatic.

Dr. Dispenza calls them neurological networks. And neurological networks are just gangs of neurons that are fired and wired together that form a community of neuro synaptic connections.

The research shows that if you take a group of people who have never played piano before and you have them learn one-handed scales and chords and you do functional brain before and after the activity. If they come for 2 hours a day for five days and they practice those scales and chords over and over again. At the end of five days when you scan their brain, there are physical changes in their brain. They’ve grown new networks of neurons.

But if you take another group of people and have them close their eyes and have them mentally rehearse play the scales and chords. At the end of five days, those people who rehearsed playing the scales and chords in their mind grow the same amount of circuits in their brain as if they were physically performing the activity.

In other words. When you are truly focused and you are truly paying attention the brain does not know the difference between what’s going on out there (outer world) and what’s going on in here (inner world). And the brain literally believes the thought is the experience and without lifting a finger it looks like they’ve been playing the piano for five days. In other words, it looks like the experience has already happened.

So it begs the question. What do you mentally rehearse all day long and what do you physically demonstrate all day long? Because what you mentally rehearse all day long (think about) and what you physically rehearse (demonstrate) is who you are at the neurological level.

Makes sense, right? But then the question arises - how to change your physical body with it? Doesn’t make sense, right?

For this, he also brought out an interesting experiment, where they took a group of people and they had them pull a spring for an hour a day for four weeks. Well, at the end of the experiment, the people who pulled the spring had a 30% increase in muscle strength. That makes sense, right? You put a load on the muscle, you take that muscle through a range of motion and there’s resistance, the muscle fibers tear and they grow back bigger.

And then they took another group of people and they had them come and mentally rehearse pulling the spring in their mind. For four weeks and all they had to do is visualize it - they kept doing that over and over again. At the end of four weeks, these people had a 22% increase in muscle strength, but they never lifted a finger.

The process of mental rehearsal means that you are going to imagine yourself living in that future. The choices you’re going to make, the behaviors you are going to demonstrate. What you’re gonna do with all that wealth, how it’s going to feel, what experiences you are going to create, who you’re going to contribute to, how you’re going to make a difference. And if you keep revisiting that same future every single day, we can say, just like the piano players, it’s gonna look like it’s already happened in the brain.

But if you’re thinking the same way, making the same choices, having the same experiences, same behaviors, same emotions then you keep the same genes on and the other genes off.

So then when you change your state of being you need to understand, and there’s research to show this, that in one meditation you regulate new genes. And if you keep knocking on the door, knocking on the door, sooner or later you are going to program that gene to turn on and when that happens you planted the seed and your autonomic nervous system will take over and do it for you.

It’s that easy. You can change your being and genes with just a thought.

So, the saying ‘that’s who I am - it’s in my genes’ isn’t true. If you want, then you can get rid of those bad emotions, behavioral manners, and thoughts!

With meditation, we can shut our brains down and reach our goals quicker.

People say quantum reality is nonsense. It is! Because quantum physics IS total nonsense. It’s the reality beyond the senses, you are causing an effect, you are producing an effect, you are connected to all possibilities.

Other people say: “That’s fake it til’ you make it.” Dispenza is like: “Really? You’ve ever driven down the road and you’re thinking about telling off that coworker? And you start thinking oh my god, this is what I’m gonna say to her. And you’re driving down the road and you become so possessed by the thought that the internal picture becomes more real than the external world? And you’re rehearsing what you’re gonna do and the thought becomes experienced and neurotransmitters activate neuropeptides and neuropeptides signal your adrenal glands and all of a sudden you’re getting a rush of adrenaline? And then you say oh nononononoo, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna write an email. All of a sudden you’re in your mind, driving to work, writing this email. And all of a sudden chemicals are happening, oh nononooo, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get the boss. We’re gonna go in and sabotage her. …And you start running these scenarios and the thought becomes the experience. Would you agree that sooner or later it’s gonna get to the body and you’re gonna make the hormones to prepare you for the event by thought alone? You get to work, hello, slam the door, walking talking maniac. And all you did was drive to work. You went from thinking to being without doing anything. And that is the purpose of meditation. It’s to move into a state of being and allow the inner picture to become experienced and emotionally teach your body what that event is going to be like ahead of the actual event.

Your personality creates your personal reality. You control your destiny.

And to end it. For those of you who don’t know how to move into a new state of being, which is how you think and how you feel, because thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body and when you combine how you think and how you feel you create a state of being… Watch this:

Think she’s gonna have a good day?

It’s that simple. Moving into a new state of being. She’s choosing all the things that she’s grateful for.

Have a beautiful day! :)

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