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On November 24th 2020, I had a hemorrhagic stroke and it can be said that my whole life hung onto a thin piece of thread because a blood vessel in my brain burst right next to the ventricle where the fluid for the brain and spinal cord is produced, so the necessary surgery for me was ruled out. The doctors said that if they touched me, I would definitely be dead. So my parents were told, "If she comes out of it, then good, but please give us your number so that if something fatal happens at night, we can contact you right away." Do you think my parents had a sleepless night or yes? 🙃

I fought. Already lying in the ambulance car, my last thought I remember was, "Everything will be fine."

It is clear today that I now have two birthdays. The first is March 26,1994 - which makes me 27 years old today. Another is November 24, 2020 - so I have my first birthday today! 🥳

Happy birthday to me! ♥️


Three main rules for recognising stroke:


Is one side of face / corner of mouth sunk down? Can the person smile?


Can a person lift both hands in front of them and hold them up?


Is a persons diction or speech confusing?


I've been in the picture many times this year and I’ll be again. I'll bring out all the places I’ve been so far underneath here as well. But why exactly have I done it? To get attention? No, absolutely not. I am doing this because I feel like a stroke in Estonia should be as known as cancer - Vähiliit has done an excellent job of raising awareness about cancer. So, I want everyone to be very aware of the stroke as well and my contribution along the way is to talk about it - the more the merrier!

Õhtuleht vol1 - Saarte Hääl - Õhtuleht vol2 - Tervis Pluss

I can proudly say that I have made an incredible recovery in just a year. Starting with hemiparesis (right side), loss of speech and being suicidal. A year later, I walk with an orthosis, I speak and I only have chills from the thought that I was suicidal.

Although, a long way is ahead. My goal today is, today in a year, be able to walk without an orthosis, move my fingers and sing like I did before stroke.

The end goal, however, is to fully recover - even if it takes years. I will not give up. Marathon and ironman are waiting for my participation!

Thank you for being on this path with me and supporting my recovery! 🙏


Never let anyone tell You that You can't.

If You have set a clear goal, You can!

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