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Alternative medicine

Biofeedback - Meditation - Breathing - Reading - Hemp oil - Nutrition - Workout

I've been, as long as I can remember, a person who wants to get out of all the crap without using chemistry. I’ve never turn to painkiller as soon as I’ve developed an headache or abdominal pain. Also with my blood pressure, I refused to take the tablets, but unfortunately it didn't end so well. Nevertheless, I am still looking for solutions that are natural and help me cope on my own. For example, I believe that the more we repeat a thing, the more we affirm the problem and that is why it is not worth repeating and repeating every negative experience. That's why I just cannot take the steps toward a psychologist either, because I don't want to repeat negative things out loud. So I discovered Biofeedback for myself.

In 2020 September I already wanted to book a time with Ülle Toomeoja for Biofeedback therapy, but first available time offered was in December. As by nature I am a person who can't plan my life so much in advance, I just left the idea of going there.

Then, a few months later, I had a stroke (I couldn't have gone in December) and I was offered the same therapy through a friend of mine. When that offer came, I only cared about when I’d be able to go there. Since a guy who studied under Ülle, contacted me, then I didn’t have to wait at all.

You can read more about biofeedback on google and in estonian on the lifekeskus page.

It has helped me insanely and I like it precisely because there is no need for the therapist to ask questions or map what has happened in the past. The device receives information from low-frequency sensors (next level quantum physics) and cleans the brain from junk.

My therapist, Ivar, was able to open me up with Biofeedback therapy and our vital conversations, so I finally dared to take a step towards the soul world, which I had been avoiding for quite some time.

Today, thanks to research and reading, I believe that our soul is the number one thing we have to take care of, because when the soul is broken, we are more susceptible to all kinds of diseases and anomalies.

So I started meditating and was amazed at how well it worked. However, it is very important to find the right meditations for yourself, because I did one hour of Joe Dispenza meditations in the spring - 28 days in row, but later I couldn't get another person's 15-minute meditations done.

It didn't take long for me to realize that I didn't feel comfortable in silence. There is music behind the Dispenza meditations that calms me down and I could be still with the music at any time. Growing up in the middle of music, the music itself is already a meditation for me - for example, living through any emotion before a stroke, I always sang, it was mo safeplace.

Thus, the new goal was to feel comfortable in silence, without thoughts, lying motionless. Thanks to this discovery, I picked up Wim Hof's book and began practicing his breathing and cold showers.

Having been swimming almost every morning until the stroke (24th of November) since the summer, it was nothing new to me - it only reminded me how insanely good it felt (although it is much better to practice it in the sea than in the shower). And his breathing has today even been scientifically proven and helped with a lot of different health problems. For myself, it helped bring my blood pressure down a bit, and just 2 weeks ago, when I practiced it again over a long time, I experienced something unprecedented - I felt my right hand to my fingertips.

I also recommend looking into these or just read his book - Wim Hof's method ☺️

First, Wim Hof's method helped me with the anxiety of silence. Yes, I'm doing something - I'm breathing, but I've been able to calm my brain so much that the only thing I pay attention to is breathing.

Secondly, this book opened a new talent of mine. I have been a hopeless reader for my whole life, especially after a stroke, reading was especially difficult, but after that book I became a reader. This book was very lightly written, so I was able to focus on it and end it pretty quickly.

Reading, I believe, is also a form of meditation. We are taking time for ourselves. We are in silence (well, most of us at least). Many people today do mindfulness meditations to calm themselves down, to silence external stimuli and to focus on themselves in that moment, but when reading a book we like, it happens without thinking about it. Plus we evolve and get smarter by doing it!

Personally, I've started to enjoy reading so much that it's already moved from books to huge amounts of research articles, meta-analyzes, etc., and I often forget myself for hours behind the computer, fascinated by the information.

So my last frantic research has been on cannabis oil (both CBD and THC). Especially its effects on stroke patients, but in summary, I dare say that all people should consume it, because cannabis oil has SO many good effects on the human body. However, I will try to write in more detail about what I have found out in the next blog post. I also want to write about my experience (and I have already been amazed by that), because I have been using 30% full-spectrum CBD oil for 2 weeks now, where there is also a permitted amount (very little) of THC (THC is a substance that has a psychoactive effect in cannabis, but this is exactly what helps to develop mobility).

In the meantime, if you also want to start using CBD oil, gave me a discount code -> karmel30. So you can buy these wonderful products a little cheaper.

Fungi also has a similar ability to THC. However, these plants are often abused by people, and this is one of the reasons why they are so taboo.

Then I would like to point out the easiest way to help yourself, but what normally is adjusted lastly - nutrition. The more I read and study, the more I begin to understand the importance of vegetarian food. More and more, I move on to vegetarian food. I can’t promise to cut meat 100% out of my diet, but even today I basically don't eat meat at home at all - rarely and if so, then just chicken.

At this point, I encourage everyone to read a book like The Diet Compass written by Bas Kast. Explains very well what and how and why to consume.

And last but not least, my absolute favourite - workout. Indeed, I can't practice it the way I did before my stroke, but already wearing workout gear and going to the gym grows a good habit in me, which will soon pay off, because I will get my body to work. And when the body starts working, I can automatically move on with life, because my joints are not stuck thanks to the constant movement of my joints.

But that’s it for now. If something has helped you which I didn’t mention already, please let me know, maybe it will help me too! 🙏

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