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Get to know me

One stubborn aries, always in good, sometimes in bad. A person who is impossible not to notice when entering a room, either because of her sonant laughter, loud voice or energy greater than life. 100% delighted or 0% interested in people, activities and things. She has her own opinion, which she is not afraid to say out loud if it diverges from the others. She simply doesn’t agree with everything (thankfully!). She listens to your BS, tells you it's BS, and then listens a little more. She knows her people fully, she takes care of her people deeply. Sometimes even so much that she can still surprise us. A person who leaves no one cold.

   - Kaisa


That's how my friend briefly describes me. I hope you have an idea of ​​who I am.


Since I had a stroke, I want to share my thoughts and experiences with you on the above and everything else.


With that, I hope to inspire/help at least one person. If I can do that, my intention is already well served.


Enjoy!  :)

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